Flame On.

Friday, time for some fun faves right now...

Captain America : Civil War is out on Amazon. That alone makes this day absolutely GREAT!
There's something about these Marvel movies that keep me watching and watching. I suppose it's the Comic Book stories from childhood, but I've still never read Comic Books, but I have heard of these characters for YEARS and now, can see them coming to life in EPIC proportions.

FLAMES. It is official, I am starting my Master's Degree program in October. Outdoor Adventure Sport Certificate followed by Sport Management Certificate and finally, a dual Masters Degree in BOTH Sports Management and Outdoor Adventure Sport. Sports Ministry is a class I get to take, so it's all ROOTED in God's Word, too.

FRESH THYME FARMERS MARKET.It is MAGICAL. I feel healthy just by walking in it. It's like a fresh cousin of Trader Joe's and a step down from stuffy Whole Foods and they're high fluting prices. We had the OFFICIAL grand opening yesterday. It was great. Albanese Gummis , fresh baked bread, salad bar, hot soups, deli counter, fresh sushi, and that's just one small side of the place. They're white cheddar mac and cheese is life changing and waist un-defining.

I may end up doing an entire post around the love I have for Fresh Thyme. My love grows deeper which each store they pop up around me. I mean large pumpkins for $3.99?! Mums, apples, seafood, beer, all fresh, natural, organic everything.  I gotta stop or I'll take over this post. 

I puffy heart Shauna and her gift of writing. This book is like a spring inside my soul. God has given her the wisdom and boldness to write about things that happen that we don't always give names, things that deep down unsettle our souls and unravel us bit by bit. This book not only names them, but settles on a rhythm of give it to God. Give him the Vinegar and taste his Oil. (you gotta read the book for that reference). 

THIS is a game changer. American church, this isn't the ONLY way to do church. There's so much wisdom in this book, so much heart. I want to learn globally so that my youth know this flavor of church isn't the only taste of it; there's more, so MUCH more. (which is why we LOVE mission trips, it shows us that besides the service aspect, too!) This book helps show how we have sometimes thrown an America Flag onto Jesus and called it good. 

And this podcast is amazing. It is like two girl friends sitting down and chatting over life's big questions like "what's your must haves" "what are you currently into" "what are you reading right now?" BIG questions and things like sex trafficking and dwarfism and stroke surviving. The guests are amazing and Jamie does a GREAT job easing any nerves out and asking the questions we want to know, but don't get to ask because we don't KNOW these people IRL.