Gimme a Break..

It's August already.
It's also NO SPEND AUGUST and 30 day DEVO August. So to combine those two with keeping up with blogging, reading blogs, commenting blogs, etc can be time consuming. Some days I feel like I'm sucked into the computer and only stop to watch Netflix with the Marine.
Imagine if I had a LIFE, or child, or a real JOB. Things would get quite messy around these parts.
It's time to step back and focus on important things in life.

So, I am joining in with the August break 2011.
I'll be posting pictures fairly regularly of life, just not a lot of words. 
Think of it like wordless Wednesday, but all month long.
I've got a lot to get sorted out here now that relatives won't be visiting this month.
It's been five STRAIGHT weeks/weekends that we've had family in town while trying to unpack and put this place in order. 
It's break time.

I'll still be following the blog hops and thursday song link because they're amazing and so much fun, but don't count on a lot of insight. 
I'll have loads of things to share once I get back, though.
God's working on my heart more and changing me to be whom He wants, not what I want.
That's the goal anyhow.
And we all love breaks now and again: