Thursday, September 11, 2014



How does any American feel today?

13 years and it still feels like yesterday.

Except we put away our American Flags, our patriotism, our red,white, and blue until these selected few holidays each calendar year. 

Which is why I am so fortunate to have the flag inside and outside our home.  We have a GIANT commercial sized flag pole waving the flag each day and night, lit up for all those who fight each day for it. Inside we have three folded ones to remind us of those fallen that were close, too close... 

And we have our Marine Corps Flag, lest we forget the Semper Fidelis and brotherhood that keeps him fighting another day. 

Until another day.. it all becomes a memory.

A time that stood still.

Lives that were lost in the ultimate sacrifice, tears shed, a nation torn apart that was brought together. 
Let us remember there are THOUSANDS still not home and still not sitting on the couch with their family tonight while we complain that we can't find anything to watch...

Let us remember...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Do you smell that?

Canning season is in full swing around here.
Each week has become a routine of making more pickles, marinara sauce, and salsa. 
And the hands, they stay red from the acid; from the super heated pan lids, from the jars, and the lids that need twisted. 
But my house smells like pickles. 
And surprisingly, it's refreshing. 
It smells like home to me. It smells like afternoons spent in the garden finding those hidden cucumbers. It smells like grandma's kitchen in the late summer. It smells like the diner or drive-in with the famous root-beer with stools you have to climb up as a child. 
It smells like memories.

What other scents send me back to childhood?

Lumber. Rather, 2x4s freshly cut; dad was always working on a remodeling project. 

Lilac: my mother's favorite scent of deodorant, it reminds me of hugs and comfort.

Maple, banana, pumpkin, zucchini: baking scents... mom's famous blue ribbon recipes from the county fair. 

Apple: grandma's house after making some homemade applesauce. 

Campfires: my sister. We used to "singe" our bottoms in front of the fireplace and cool them off on the floor registers in the winter... Winter always reminds me of my sister. Snow forts, snow ball fights, times when we had to play nice together inside or she was reading on the floor register with a blanket over her. 
Hubby and Belle on the front porch of my childhood home.

What brings you back to childhood moments? Am I the only one who has scents attached to memories? I find that scents bring back memories more than almost any other sense, except maybe sight and photos. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


School's back in session across the United States; or at least that is what my Facebook feed tells me.  Our kids are ending their first MONTH in school already and some have midterms coming up.
And we've finally hit 90s in the weather this week. It's been a mild summer, but I hope that doesn't mean a crazy cold winter again. I don't know if I can survive that....

Especially after playing around with things like tomato plants, eggplants, green beans...
The garden has been fruitful this year and I have the sauce to prove it! I think my peppers are finally enjoying the HOT weather, so that's good news. My tomatoes always out produce my peppers and it makes the salsa lopsided.

Also, Christine Caine's newest book arrives today in stores: UNSTOPPABLE! Go, check it out and be glad you did. God's really been working hard through this woman and she's amazing inside and out.  I can't wait to dive in it as it's currently downloading onto my kindle for reading later today.

Next week, the hostile take over commences: pumping all.the.things. arrives. 
Brace yourselves. 
I only like certain pumpkin things like muffins, bread, donuts.
AND yes, apple season officially kicks off, too. THAT is worth celebrating and getting excited for.

Fall, you're almost here.
I've missed you, but can we keep some warm weather around a bit longer?