About Jen:

The Yankee( Midwest) Girl:

I'm a {30} year old sarcastic, random, outdoor-loving Midwestern girl. You'll often find me in jeans or running shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops. I'm addicted to remodeling our home, reading good books, hiking with the Marine, exploring our new city, and enjoying all the sporting events. I believe Jesus is my Saviour, and the Bible is the true and complete Word of God.

My degrees are Business Administration and Parks and Recreation Management with a specialty in Non-Profits.My dream is to open a Christian Camp on many many acres with sustainable vegetation/orchards, a bunker for paintball, ropes courses, climbing walls, playgrounds, ponds, camp fire circles, and cabins; a way to experience the world without electronics.

Being a Star Wars/The Big Bang Theory Nerd <3
Cooking and creating recipes
Organizing (part of OCD-ness)
Being Goofy
Finding bargain deals while shopping
Compassion Advocacy
Loving all things beachy
Drinking blue drinks  
(full throttle blue demon, blue raspberry lemonade, berry blue kool-aid, etc)
Being eco-conscious (or hippie in my friends' minds)
 Applying for jobs.
 Obsessing over Penguins.