Phoenix is the USA Capital

Phoenix, Arizona is America’s fifth largest city.

Phoenix Stream cityphoenix neighborhood

Phoenix has a population of 1.6 million people (and growing!!).

Phoenix Stream city

Phoenix covers an area of 517 square miles (larger than Los Angeles).

Phoenix MNTS

It’s HUGE and has loads to offer people.

There are tons of things to do, see, play, explore, visit.

Phoenix az diamondbacks

There are people everywhere and anytime of day.

Phoenix Subway fresh fit 500

And this poses a REAL problem.

Phoenix is the United States Capital of Kidnapping.

phoenix tied up

Phoenix is the Number 2 Capital in the WORLD for kidnapping

and that’s following an an entire country, MEXICO.

A city versus an entire country.

That’s HUGE.

phoenix weighty issues


I just found these facts today, and I am not sure how to process them.

Does it bother anyone else?


Anonymous said…
curious but it has to be somewhere right? My husband travels to Phoenix quite a bit and has said he always feels safe there but I guess maybe it could be estranged parents or something? I'm not even making sense to myself...time for bed!!!

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Lauren said…
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My family is from PHX Az and I 100% completely agree with the New laws... I am also of hispanic origin and thinks its ridiculous that any citizen of this country would oppose this law!!!

Have a happy Friday!!


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Emily said…
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This is kind of scary. Thank god I don't live there. I would freak out over this.