poke a what?

The word of advice from my daily calendar says CHILL. I'm pretty sure I don't even know what that means anymore. What I do know is that I am looking forward to the Wednesdays that I am home BEFORE 11:30pm after leaving the house at 8:00am for work. One more week to go to have that luxury. Or, I could kick youth out of my car as soon as I get to their homes. However, it changes things. I have family coming to the car to talk to me, family that watches their language around me, family that doesn't have a trusted adult to learn about life from that isn't biologically related. God is doing something BIG here. It's affecting the entire family unit and it's been interesting to see the dynamic change.

It's a lot like this Pokemon Go phenomenon. But really, is it any different than geocaching without the GPS unit? They have switched out the model a bit, but it's the same concept; walk around, find treasure/pokemon and record it while OUTSIDE. It's helping build family relationships, breaking down other walls because EVERYONE can do it, and helping foster moving.  On the other hand, it's also creating a world of poke-zombies. People endlessly staring at phones unaware of their surroundings. We see this a lot at church; where we typically have a LOT of turn around traffic; it has now doubled due to this game. I've seen several "lost" looking teenager boys with their phones out turning in circles in the back parking lot and then contemplating their next move.
And I sit and wonder HOW we can reach these people and show hospitality to them? It's HOT, like should be late August hot outside this past week. Maybe they need some water or candy or certain characters that only the church can provide? As the main employee into the media/communications/etc stuff, maybe I should download the game?

.... Maybe.