1. Take doggie through drive-thru and he gets FREE food. I have to pay for mine.

2. Orange Juice is really yummy but only in the mornings

3. I don't like Easter being at the end of the month...EVERYONE grabbed up the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs before I could snag them all. RUDE!

4. Running is becoming a little bit fun. Maybe it's because I'm not doing it alone anymore?

5. I won something from another blog YAY me.

6. My toes are bright bright bright orangey-fuschia and I love them.

7. GI Joe one was better than two but soon starts the blockbuster Memorial Day extravaganza with Fast and Furious, Star Trek, and MANY others.

8. My house is a MESS and I gotta change that today.

This is really all I want to do today, though...

Anyone wanna clean my house?


Jen said…
Haha the dog got free food?! That's awesome. :)
OJ IS only good in the morning and BEFORE you brush your teeth!