Neighborhoods can be families

There's something to be said about productivity. I always feel most productive when I start the morning moving around DOING something instead of my face in the phone.  I've already taken out the trash, picked up dishes I was too lazy to take into the kitchen last night, and started a load of laundry. Plus, for me, it keeps comparison at bay. Watching everyone's highlights of their life on Fb, instgram, twitter can get a person down; thinking, here I am washing dishes and their out there in Hawai'i or North Carolina on a BEACH and it's snowing here..
Or check out the new pregnancy announcement, AGAIN.
Or I missed Catalyst WEST livestream... with Louie Giglio, ugh.

But today my calendar says "no matter right or wrong, just write" and so I am, because it's my day off and I can and WILL. I've often been told to write. I received A+ papers in my creative writing classes in college. They only took off for grammar things like indenting and quotation when there's multiple conversations in play, which I should have learned a long time ago..or did learn and forgot?  I don't know. And I'm told my church emails can bring people to tears, so there's that.

The Marine is taking a Thursday night class about community serving or something. He has to do an EMS ride-along and an Indianapolis Police ride-along. Both should be fun for him and he'll get to see a different side of community relations at work here in our Circle City. He'll see the first hand race relations and how that plays into the system or doesn't. I do know it's at play here in Indy. I've been witness to it here, just last night actually. The store employees don't do it, it's the patrons inside and outside Kroger. I wanted to say, hey, I live here, too! This is my neighborhood, but CHOOSE to live here...      and then it hits me, most of these people don't choose to live here in Haughville, they HAVE too. It's their grandma's home or momma's home and they're helping them out and maybe the home's paid for already. Whichever the case is, I love my neighborhood, I truly do. We have the most helpful and friendly neighbors, and such diversity. Some days you smell brisket being smoked, carne asada cooking, or greens simmering away on someone's stove top. And we're all different, but we're neighbors. We are joined together because our homes are geographically linked. We have multiple races, ages, backgrounds, and stories to share. The only bummer thing about our neighborhood is that the people change every single year. Last year, we had a multitude of boys running the streets all playing together and having a blast tormenting my doggie. This winter/spring I think we're only down to a few. The bus doesn't even stop here, at our corner anymore...
And I miss those children.