My God's Not Dead

Drill Weekend has commenced.
Which means HOME ALONE all weekend, but I have things to do so it will feel like any other weekday to me. 

Today is clean up the house day. I have like six boxes of stuff for the church rummage sale that is just sitting and waiting for me to take it into church. I'll have more today after cleaning out my closet and cleaning my office again. WE have a new computer and that took up space in said office on my desk and now my desk is a loaded HOT MESS. The Marine wont put my stuff away (since it's my youth and church stuff) and so, I have piles. and I don't like piles. They bug me. 

And it's almost spring. We had snow on Monday this week and now 64 degree weather. What a tease this weather truly has been. I'm going for a run later today just because it'll be warm and I haven't run all winter. I want to be able to run 10 miles again. I felt good when I could do that. DO I ever want to run a half marathon again? We shall see... it was the best and worst day of my life. Although if properly training this time, I wouldn't stop running two weeks before the actual ½marathon like I did last time.  And I wouldn't be forced into running it, either... which always changes things.

Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. oH MY! My brain and heart and prayer life are all fighting each other over the best place for the mission trip this year. The youth want Student Life because they enjoyed serving and then having the Pastor and Worship Band at night. They were physically tired from painting an entire exterior of a house in 1.5 days, doing yard work for two different houses including in the rain and then cleaning the interior of a hoarder house that caused distinct health problems for one of my youth (severe allergies) and distinct unfortunate memories for other youth about what they had to touch in order to HELP this lady live in her home again. And they served and served. But, because we served through the local social workers, these people don't know the life-changing name of Jesus, at least not from us. We didn't connect them to a local church to further help them the way that the government is now helping them. Except that Jesus set up the local church to be His hands and feet, not the government... And THAT is the conflict that resides inside.  

But, they also loved the worship time and I don't want to take that away from them because they don't get that worship time weekly at church. It's different when you're free to express yourself in an environment where raising hands, clapping, being excited isn't looked down upon. And I'm sad that they feel like they have to be a droid in a pew just standing there repeating lyrics on the screen. Which is why the Rock N Worship Roadshow and Winter Jam concerts are the best thing for my group. $10 and you get excitement, awesome worship times, and fun all rolled into one package. Jesus and His Church weren't meant to be BORING.