Create Vs. Copy

Have you ever read a book that seemed like it was written specifically for YOU in your space in life? (besides the Bible, of course!) There's a new book that launches today that will make you feel like it's exactly what you needed to hear. It's small in stature, but BIG on challenges, thoughts, ideas, and creativity. It takes a mere few hours to read it, but days to study it and answer the questions posed in each chapter. It unleashes the creativity found within people, because guess what? We're ALL creative people.

Create vs. Copy is a book you'll need to have on your bookshelf and refer to often. It is the newest tool to unleash creativity and challenge us to think in ways we all have as a child, but grew out of. There's a great quote in the book by C.S. Lewis that states "But someday you'll be old enough to start reading fairy tales again". It's so real, honest, and thought provoking because it's true. The Marine and I don't have children (just the youth that I get to return home when I'm done with them!) and yet, I have my favorites like B.F.G, Dr. Seuss, The Boxcar Children, and several others awaiting me when I need to reignite the imagination. Or I'll take my crazy youth to a park and let them play on the equipment and be the children hidden inside. It sparks something inside them and I can get them talking, and if you know teenagers, they don't always share stuff willingly. But, if we take time to be together, to slow down, and listen, things change.

This book unleashes that same mentality of embracing change, igniting creativity, and breaking through with imagination. Somewhere along the grown-up way, we were all told that we need to stop dreaming and that hits us hard in the creativity spots. But, how do we solve problems if we're not thinking creatively? How do we get more people in churches? How do we effectively reach the lost people outside the church? Where can we create space for the "non believers" to see us as people and not hate-mongers? How can we answer these basic Christian needs of the great CHURCH if we can't dream up new ways to reach people FOR Jesus? I believe God gave us creativity when He formed us. Look how magnificent the flowers, leaves, sunrises, fish, and fall weather are! How can God have NOT given us that talent as well if we're made in HIS image?


AND so what? Why do I sound like an advertisement? Because I believe in this book and this Author. He's a crazy-busy and creative guy, but still has time to author a book(s), be a daddy to four daughters, a husband,  found The Justice Conference, be the President Kilns College, a consultant, a creative advisor to Non-profits, a speaker, and a Pastor.  And yet, he still has enough time to engage people with his book releases.

Hurry, there's only nine books left on Amazon.