Sipping from a bottle of vodka double wine..

Oh sweellll! It's song link-up time. The Marine is off to a conference in my favorite southern state and I'm left alone to my own devices here in Indy. So far I've painted half the living room, debating about painting the entire thing because it's DARK, and purchased many garden-y plants.  Next item on agenda is to can the 30 plus cups of salsa I made ...oh boy.

So without the day getting too busy, I'll give you an awesome, amazing happy song:

It has both men in uniform and a classic song :)


Ashley D. said…
I love this video! I love all the costumes and the dancing! Good luck with the painting and the canning! :)
Tasha said…
Nice song pick...I've always been a fan of Christina...Happy Thursday

What's Your Song?: Don't Look Back
Cait said…
Whenever I think about what my hubby is doing in a foreign port, this is what I imagine. He's standing around snapping his fingers listening to big band music. Love this song!
Mrs.B said…
Love this song, haven't seen the video before definitely a good one! My daughter and I were dancing away!