Crackerjacks & headaches

          Today is the first day since Friday that I can function without a dreaded headache/migraine. I am not sure if it was the massive storm system that blew in all weekend or dehydration or sinuses or ALL three mega things, but man.. I was knocked out almost all weekend. Decisions were not happening; sleeping and sweating and freezing and chugging fluids were the party scene at this joint. Honestly, I shouldn't complain because the calendar gets a little bit INSANE after this weekend...
It stops around July. 

          But today, I totally punched it in the face. Decisions, decisions, and decisions made. A fresh pedicure that lasted longer than normal because we discussed Marvel and Dc Comics along with Comic book plot twists. (The guy almost had me reading comic books && to be fair, how many other people can he discuss this with at a nail salon!). And then, BAM.. went for an actual run, without the canine. Then I came home, did some more cardio via my phone and actually stretched like a grown-up. 

SNAP.I'm currently dreaming of a hammock. The youthies broke my last one because three or four of them decided they all needed to be on it together and it exceeded the weight limit. 

ZOOM. One of my youngest youth turns 15 tomorrow. I'm not sure how I like that since they came into youth at age 12 all sweet and innocent and full of fear. 

POP. Re-stocked the fridge with pepsi again. But Full Throttle is still off my shelf till the end of March. I was drinking it every single day for the past YEAR and that's not good for me at all. It's not a breakfast drink, but that's how I used it. 

DRIBBLE. Basketball season is coming to a close. BIG10 chaos was downtown this weekend and caused stupid traffic issues like always. I don't even *LIKE* basketball.

CRACKER JACKS!  28 DAYS till BASEBALL is back (RED SOX that is) and 31 DAYS till the Indians return to Victory Field in Indianapolis. I have tickets to the opening game, but have a prior commitment & the Marine is busy that night anyhow. Boo.

It's time for BASEBALL!