Whirlwind Excitements


It's been awhile, and there are many things that have happened in life so I'll make a bulleted list of the highs and lows of the past year or so and then we can feel like we caught up over a cuppa joe. K?  ok.

Started working at church, been there for a year now. Many ups and downs as church people are the best and worst in humanity, full of grace, truth, and mercy. But God loves His People, so I do, too.

Youth have had many transitions: low numbers, high numbers, crazy events, great spiritual highs, extremely terrible choices, and loads of grace, God's Truths, and BRAND NEW SHINY BIBLES that have changed and impacted their lives like crazy.  (most of the youth don't have families that attend church with them, so this is HUGE, and PLEASE share some prayer time for them.)

Wednesday nights are mission nights again and it's bringing in families. and food. and fun.

Chicago Mission Trip: spiritual revival for all those in attendance. New worship songs added including GOOD GOOD FATHER sung by the ones who penned the lyrics. It's much better than Chris Tomlin's rip-off version. (ahem)

5k to help prevent sex-trafficking became the biggest non-fun thing that they've requested to do again and again. After all the complaining and whining about a 5k, that's the one event they keep talking about.. and have the best stories from. TEENS...

BASEBALL season showed up and then left. Many games, hot dogs, peanuts, cotton candy and laughs, clapping, and good times turned into memories at Victory Field. GO INDIANS!
(and it's slowing creeping up into spring training time!)

News of retirement and putting in retirement package into the Marine Corps. Retirement. AHH!

Loads of new books read, and studied, and high-lighted.

Attended many many concerts WITH Compassion. Worked at Rock N Worship Roadshow and saw the underbelly of operations. Shared hallways with people like Mandisa, Newsboys, Audio A, Danny Gokey, and security.

Tried deep dish Giordanos pizza in Chicago and was deeply disappointed and no youth enjoyed it, either...

Dad has a box in his chest to keep him alive. He's officially retired, but still has his home business running, that he manages.

Sister is engaged. Wedding set for October, or is it?

And Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars was watched on the true IMAX projector screen in the Indiana State Museum. So we had true 6 story-sized scenes. One of 14 in the country. #nerd

I'm pretty sure that is the major stuffs of this past year.

and IF conference. yes. www.ifgathering.com   check it out and be equipped and unleashed.
Can't wait to re-live it again and again.

And WAR ROOM, check that out, too and be challenged and revived. and let a fresh wind be started in your community.