of course.

Things these days:

Pillowfort Collection at Target. If they made their bed linens for a queen bed, I'd be all over them.  Instead, I pine from afar and daydream of having dinosaur sheets or rocket ships or arrows to coordinate with my adventurous dreams.

Baseball season is BACK and already, the SOX lost to the INDIANS, are you kidding me?
I do have a chance at a Brave vs. Sox game while in atlanta this month, but I'd be going solo. Choices.

ALL  the feels. Since The Force Awakened earlier this week.

TBBT never have I ever on tonight's episode was THE BEST. #lifegoals
I'm touching all the buttons on the elevator next time while throwing a frisbee and cancelling my dentist appointment on the way to sticking my foot in the ocean.   Although I have a dental cleaning tomorrow, which is a make-up of  last week's re-scheduling due to the plague. My dentist is retiring. Now I have to choose another dentist; something I haven't had to do while in Indy because I haven't MOVED yet. #ugh

This weather. boo. We have a FREEZE warning tonight. In April. AFTER we have purchased garden plants/vegetables. (they're being stored in my trunk)

Looking for Lovely.  I warned you. It's over the top and honest and perfect for this season. (and curently sold out on Amazon)!

Under Armour Socks the perfect liner socks. TJ Max always has them in various color, half the price. Super soft and they last through mission trips, running, and every day use. love love. These colors are hard to find, though..