Christ Centered. Child Focused. Church Based. Committed to Integrity.
26 Different Countries.
over one MILLION children sponsored.
Lives being CHANGED.

I've been a sponsor with Compassion since 2007.
While attending a Student Life Camp in Daytona Beach Florida as a Chaperone, I found our Joseph.
He's an amazing little boy and will change his part of Kenya one day!
God has blessed our relationship with stories, goats, birthday cards, family ties, and soccer balls.

Compassion is unique.
They focus on ONE child at a time.
Our money that we send goes right to Joseph in the form of clothing, medicine, school supplies, supplemental nourishment, and any other needs he has.
He also attends church and school as  his requirement to be part of the program.
The children are taught that we help them and their families in Jesus' name.
And because of that over163, 000 children and mothers made a profession of faith last year through Compassion's programs! (2011)