Coupon Craziness

I love coupons. I love what they stand for, what they do to my pocket book/bank account and what they do to stimulate new kitchen food ideas. I belong to several different coupons sites and some release the coupons that will be in the upcoming advertisements from the grocery stores. Somehow, that seems like a bit of insider trading, but I love knowing what's going on sale because I can plan my meals better. I am not a planner by nature thanks to the Marine Corps. I have planned one too many awesome things just to have them shut down because something changes last minute. This includes my education, deployments, vacations, moves, and more. Sometimes it even makes me look like a liar because I'll tell people I won't be here in a couple months then WHAM, a deployment pops up and I'm stuck for another YEAR in a place that never felt like home. Fortunately with new commands comes new people that refuse to cancel orders/pcs/moves due to a deployment. Also, my husband newest rank also allows him to have more say in said deployments.
Back to coupons. I am obsessed almost. I carry them with me everywhere I go. They're in a purse in my car sitting there waiting to be used. I gather new coupons each week from the Sunday Paper, All You, A Full Cup, coupons dot com,, Red Plum, , and more. I also have a bestie that sends me awesome freebie links because she's more obsessed with coupons than I am. She's my coupon Jedi!
I just wish more places with healthier foodstuff would release more coupons. As I am trying to eat healthier I am finding myself staying away from fake foods and trying to make wholesome good meals for the hubby and I. I am trying more fresh and authentic food and cooking styles. I have a tiny garden going and wish I could make it bigger. I have peppers and tomatoes that are currently sprouting their fruit. I would like a citrus patch, but with moving and USMC bases, no trees can be relocated into CA, AZ, HI, or Okinawa; all places in which we have a possibility of being stationed next. Fortunately, we do have a HUGE citrus, lettuce, and peanut farm(s) in the area so the farmers markets should be kinder on my bank account. But WHY cannot the fresh stuff come with coupons? Why do I have to purchase alcohol to get meat rebates? and WHY do I have buy frozen veggies/fruits to get the coupons? Is the packaging worth the extra $.50 off?