red, yellow, or green?

I have a garden, and have had one many times over. I had one in North Carolina and it blossomed just as I moved out here to AZ. My neighbors got my plants, my pots, everything because one cannot take produce into AZ. So, I have another one. I have tomatoes and peppers. I am just trying it out so far because desert gardening is different than east Coast gardening. I had one tomato plant on the verge of dying. It was wilting and looked oh so pathetic. I moved it out of the 'direct' sun into slight afternoon sun and that didn't seem to work. Then I noticed a trend with all the farming lands here; they water between noon & four VOILA! I have watered my pants every day around 1600 or 4:00pm. They are fabulous and have grown twice their size in the past few weeks. I am soo proud of the plants. I was wondering why they weren't before....(they had proper drainage, soil, nutrients, etc...what WAS their deal? Oh yeah..water, we're in a desert, *handforehead*!!)

Anyhow, this is what's happening with my garden right the end of fall, a time when most people are hunkering down and preparing their gardens/crops for the dead of winter, putting up Christmas lights before the snow, changing their tires to snow ones and I am a proud owner of freshly planted GARDEN. I am not sure if I can get used to this or not....a ripe tomato in the middle of  NOVEMBER!! Maybe Thanksgiving will include fresh salsa?

Another one happily turning red in the high 80 degree temperatures we're receiving here in the Desert living. Tomatoes looove sun, warmth, water, and yummilicious soil.