I'm Lovin...

The in-laws have gone, the bills are paid, the house is getting scrubbed down and so is my diet and my exercise routine. Life sure does go haywire when people visit you and expect YOU to be the cook, the maid, the activities director, and au pair. It's exhausting. Plus, I couldn't workout to Jillian Michaels cause it's just WEIRD to work-out in front of people who have never exercised a day in their life. 

Anyhow...onto what I am ADORING lately. It's Hobby Farms' Newest Publication: 

This is their third issue and I absolutely ADORE IT!

I like it so much, I am going to buy their other two issues as this cover is their third publication.
I hope it catches on because it's filled with incredible and amazing tips on how to create sustainable living anywhere. 
I currently live in a desert in a housing area in a RENTAL home.
It's not exactly FARM friendly place. 
(The city is farm friendly, my house, not so much.)
These are the articles I NEEDED to have successful container-ish gardening:

Grow, Grow Container Greens 
From arugula to watercress, learn to grow these leafy veggies in no space at all.  

by Jessica Walliser 

Water Wise
Follow these 24 tips for dry-climate gardening success.
by Debbie Moors

Wick It, Wick It Good Build your own self-watering containers, and keep your thirsty plants happy.
by Laura Hill

The whole magazine is filled to the brim with helpful tips, tricks, things to try, new products, dream gardens, recyclable uses, etc. It is amazing.

Of course they also have:

Which is just as fabulous!
I picked this issue up yesterday while waiting for my oil change on my Element. 
When we purchase our huge chunk o' land, we are definitely campfire cooking, especially in the summer heat. 
(I am dying here and its forecast is triple digits from now until September with LOWS of 74-80! bleh!!)
I also learned about re-using buildings on property.
 A family made a dream come true as used three silos as a bed and breakfast!
 It's functional and cute, not trashy at all!

I also think the website it amazing.

It's just as full of information as the magazines. 
Recipes, crafts, gardening, animals, marketing, etc.
Outstanding resources!

Turkey Meatballs, three ways

Quick Summer Harvest Pizza

GORGEOUS wall Sconces.

Authentic Furniture Pieces

Seasonal Garden Checklists

Crafty projects using natural plant dyes in yarn
Making BirdHouses
and playing with portable sawmills.

It's fabulous.


You won't be sorry.
Unless you don't check it out.


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