I haven't posted since Friday.
This weekend was busy with a trip into PHX/Casa Grande to visit my Mum and Step Dad, Roger.
We went to the ZOO, the Hole in the Rock, and Trader Joes.
How in the WORLD did we forget Fry's Electronics? oy.
The completely amazing thing is I remembered how to get to MY particular Trader Joe's.(off of 51N) There are three around the PHX area and this is the one I've been going to because I LOVE the plaza it's located in. There's a Souper Salad, Locally owned stores, Frozen Yogurt Buffet, and all the stuff that makes it FUN.
It was mum and Roger's first time in a Trader Joe's. I could have spent hours in there weeding through everything. The only thing I missed was Asiago Black Pepper bread, but it's on my to-do list to make as they were sold out. (BOO!)

Guess What's coming up very shortly in our world? Yep, the Marine Corps Ball. I have to find a dress in the next couple weeks, figure out my hair for that night, take loads of pictures, and make the Marine get his Dress Blues in order. hehe. Let the fun begin...