Subway. {Eat Fresh}

So, after a rough morning around this house with arguments about lunch and hot pockets and disappointments, I surprised the Marine. I darted off to Subway and paid way toooo much for food and headed on over to his shop. (2 meal deals for $16.00 WHAT??!!!)

We ate lunch together, spent some time catching up, and planned our afternoon. It was a spontaneous visit as the Marine stated last week he misses eating lunch with me when we lived closer to base. I figured why not, I have no REAL plans and it'll make his day.

So, Day two: spend QUALITY time with Marine. Cell phone was down, food was consumed, and voting choices were made. It's been rare to find time together recently so we'll take this. I feel loads better and I KNOW he does too. We've been stressing each other out lately for NO reason and we just needed to hang out.

Isn't love grand?