Alpha Bravo Charlie

Alpha Bet Alpha to Zulu, Marine Corps Wife Style...

Alpha: Army Wives television is NOT real, but ammo is. Air, Land, and Sea, Aircraft noise, artillery noise, 
Bravo: Bases, boots, boot bands, black socks, Blues, Birthday Ball, Boot Camp, Brig
Charlie: Comm, Combat Training, Camo, Cammies, Cover, CO, CMC, CAX, Cadences,
Delta: Deployments, Details, Duffle Bags, Don't ask Don't Tell, Deltas,
Echo: Enlisted
Foxtrot: A FEW Good Men, Formations, FRO
Golf: green t-shirts are never out of style, green on green on green on green, 
Hotel: helos and their noise are always welcomed, haircuts weekly, humps, high and tights, Homecomings, Hail and Farewell, health and wellness inspections
India: Insurance is free-ish, but run by the govt, Iraq/Iran, 
Juliet: Jarhead both the nickname and moviie, Joint Strike Forces, Jets
Kilo: Kisses
Lima: leave, LES, Leatherneck, Gen. LeJeune, Camp Leatherneck
Mike: Moving,  across the country every time, every two years, MCRD (Marine Corps Recruit Depots), Mojave Viper, Marine Corps League, MEU,
November: Never leave a Marine behind, Department of the Navy, November 10, 
Oscar: Officers, One shot, One Kill
Papa: Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder, PT (physical training), PFT (Personal Fitness Tests), Pistol Range, Parris Island, 
Quebec: Quiet time is only during lunch hours.
Romeo: Retirement, rifles, running, Rifle Range, R&R, 
Sierra: Semper Gumby aka ALWAYS Flexible, Semper Fidelis, Shaving every day, silkies,
Tango: Time Change= sleeves up <3, Traumatic Brain Injury, Temporary Lodging, tatoos, 

Uniform: Uniforms take over at least one closet, Untouchable,
Victor: Victory, Valiant, VFW
Whiskey: Warrant Officers, What would Chesty Do?, weapons, WTI, Wounded Warriors,
X-Ray: X-treme weather training (and base locations..hello Yuma and 29)
Yankee:  Yes Ma'am, Yes Sir, MCAB Yuma,
Zulu: Zealous

This is my list of interesting ABC's I could come up with for the Marine Corps. Do yall have any additions?


Derek said…

Just bumped into this and have a son that just complete boot about 5weeks ago. Do you have a contact on here? I cannot find one so I can ask you some questions about the Corps.