Stripin downtown

Stripes are down, now to pull the room together for better pictures and a purpose.
I love the stripes, it really adds some depth to the room. Plus, the colors are muted enough to not overpower or stick out as much.

Our church service was amazing yesterday! My eyes were opened to some things and we finally got the congregation to be active in worship!!! Amazing.

After church, we had a youth meeting and opened some doors there. I am the activity director for youth! I am stoked! The youth leader is open to anything, so this will be an opportunity to infuse stuff we have done at previous churches as well. No holds barred. God will show up!!

After the meeting, we headed downtown to reveal a new display in Indianapolis' war memorial. Did you know that behind Washington D.C., that Indianapolis is SECOND in the nation for memorials, history, etc? Amazing. And the war memorial does NOT disappoint, either. It will be our new "go to" place when people come to visit, theres so much there, including an original Nazi banner that once flew in Germany. It made me pause and ponder and wonder at that thing for a good while, of which a replica of Adolph Hitler's Bust in bronze sat below it. Astonishing.
And let's not forget the U.S.S Indianapolis, carrier of a famous H~bomb that was dropped on Japan...

Come check out Indy! We even have a spare room. :)


Kaylee said…
I am loving the stripes :)