Run Forrest, run! Except I am Jenni(fer)

We've lived in Indianapolis for an entire year now. It's officially become "our" state and we've both seen the spreadsheet that keeps us here for another two years. It also shows us the future openings for the next PCS and there's not a lot to write about in that category. We moved early last year since they deleted the Marine's job and that tossed our move schedule quite differently from others in his Rank and graduation date. Not to mention that he's doing a job that is TWO pay grades/ranks above his current standing. All these things throw the next move for a huge loop and only God knows where we'll be this time in two years. We'll be older. Hopefully with offspring, but if the in-laws keep moving in, we'll be out of room for any adoption process to commence.

"Short term" moving in is typically less than six months. This will be two years. YEARS. That's not short-term unless you're 80. I pray that my sanity lasts that long and that it'll give me an opportunity to grow, mature, learn, and share some knowledge. And it'll kick my butt into getting my Master's Degree and a job. I can't stay home when the brother-in-law is here. The mother-in-law wants to move in next summer; an entire YEAR before we'll be out of this house so she can get adjusted to the area and all before we move out. Except her other son will be here as well. This house is technically a ONE bedroom home. It'll have three households FULL of stuff in it for over a year. My de-cluttering mind cannot wrap my brain around it. At. ALL. I feel like I am getting kicked out of my own home and the Marine's family is having a hostile take over. It's not a pleasant feeling to think of your own home like that.

In other great news, I've lost five pounds in the past two weeks and I can run outside without DYING because I can't breathe. However I am suppose to run THREE miles with the group Saturday and I am feeling defeated in that department. My mind gives out way before my body does and I don't have the focus to keep going unless I am on a treadmill. Give me a bootcamp session or weight training and I'll break myself doing it; running not so much. It's not 'fun' yet.

And I *might* be visiting my favorite East Coast towns SOON. I miss the ocean, the beach, the availability of going swimming in nature (not pools) within a few minutes drive. I feel like there's a desert surrounding my house because even though there's the WHITE RIVER, it's muckety-muck that will grow a third arm if one proceeds to jump into said river. And the canals; even worse. So, ocean + sand + Besties + youthins I haven't seen in way tooooo long = happiness.