I declare.

Happy Fourth of July, 2012! 

In high school there was a HUGE parade to celebrate the day followed by a carnival and fireworks over Lake Erie. I grew up celebrating what the Fourth meant. We have so many family members that are Active duty/retired/done with service that it was hard not to know what this day was truly about. Plus the fact that our family was fighting in the Revolutionary War as well. (We've been here a LONG time!) It's such a great time to celebrate the Red, White, and BLUE and our Country's heritage and future. There's only three people in the family that are still active duty, my cousin in the Air Force,  My brother-in-law in the National Guard (after being in the Army) and my Marine. Thanks YOU! 

I actually have a FLASH picture of the Declaration. I turned my camera off and back on and forgot to turn the flash off.
We ALMOST got kicked out. But of Course the Marine was with me and they just told us to move along no more pictures lol.