As always, We will REMEMBER 9-11-2001.

We were married for 7 months at the time, thoughts looming or re-enlisting, but had to wait until the fiscal year (October) to begin.  BAM.
Everyone re-enlists.
A whole new era for the military is uncovered.
Things civilians STILL do not know about.
We're still at war as long as there as American Troops deployed to hostile parts of the world, where they will receive HAZARD pay for anytime they could be mia, kia, or another wounded warrior.
War is real and war is continuing on 11 years after the attack on our nation.

Please stop for a moment and pray for the people not sitting on a couch with loved ones, not drinking starbucks pumpkin spice anything, not showering for days, not eating home cooked meals, and always slinging a gun and helmet and vest around in a country that would rather NOT have them there.

Pray for the leaders of the country who decide based on policy and foreign relations and not much public opinion where this war will end and who "wins". Pray for the outcome and outlooks of the countries ravished by such wars and terrorists. Pray that they come to find peace, hope, and forgiveness through Jesus.

and pray for those who have lost anyone during these times; terrorists, Military members, neighbors, co-workers, cities, governments, anyone who knows loss due to action of others.

I just pray for the hearts of those hurt the deepest that they can have healing and forgiveness.


Jane said…
This was one of the best 9/11 posts I've read this year. Thank you.