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hello December. 
I finally ordered my Christmas cards from Shutterfly. I cannot wait to see how marvelous they turn out. {{Note to self next year, wear Christmas colored Ball Gown to Marine Corps Ball. It would have saved me many hours of searching for a card that works with the colors of the photo, and has Christmas tidings on it versus peace, holiday, etc.}}
Sneak Peek at our Selection

Also, this weather is not December weather, right? Today's high is SEVENTY degrees for the midwest, which is typically consumed in snow by now. It feels like we never left Yuma, Arizona sometimes. And with this weather, I have the sneezes and sniffles and finally planted some bushes and bulbs outside this past weekend. The local squirrels think it is buffet time with the bulbs, but I am waging WAR! 

So, Christmas. Yes?
The days are flying by and it will be just another memory soon. Is the house decorated, the cookies made, the cards sent, the gifts purchased? Yeah, not so much here. We have the house decorated, and cards ordered. Cookies will be made in Ohio this year in grandma's kitchen; a place I've never cooked before but everyone has many many many memories. We're making new memories for Grandpa this year in his house since grandma died. He lights up everytime we're around mainly because he ADORES the Marine so much. They're like two peas in a pod. I always make sure my nook is fully charged when we go because they'll take off on a grand adventure to the basement, man cave, barn, or garage and have way too much fun together. I am glad they make these moments together. 

What Christmas traditions make it special for your family? 
We have advent devotions to do daily, Christmas music and movies, cookies, and we make it a time to slow down. People don't NEED stuff, just time and being there for each other. That's what we try to make Christmas about: Jesus and HIS needs. 

And I'll leave you with this little gem that I know you'll love, too.



Jen said…
Love love the Christmas cards! :)