Techno Babel

I am unexpectedly heading feet or head first into a technology fast; accidentally.
First, 40 days no pinterest or facebook for the Youthins' 40 Day Challenege;  And MAN, that's been HARD!
Second, my phone has an app that has been stealing MB usage around midnight every night so I am CLOSE to my 2GB of internets so I have no internet on my phone currently for another week.
Can I tell you what an amazing thing this has done for my life?
No e-mail checking 12, 054 an hour when my phone beeps at me to tell me kraftfoods sent an email, or that someone in India wants me to cash their check, or I have people I SHOULD follow on Twitter.
That's too much chatter going on all the time.
Work has been much more productive since I've changed settings on my phone, too.
No more checking the randomness of emails, pictures, texts, etc.
I do still text, but I cannot receive pictures.
It almost feels like when the television in the OLD days did this:

It's been freeing, so freeing. No NEED to check out all the information online. No NEED for email reading at a red light. No NEED to pass the time with my nose in the phone instead of a good book, work, or serving. Technology is so grand, but such a sneaky addiction that sometimes we forget to do LIFE!

My challenge: be where I am suppose to be. No texting during real life people conversations, no checking emails during meetings, no trying to be in two places at the same time; only GOD does that and I am NOT God. I do not want technology to be my Tower of Babel.

Have you ever tried to break away from technology's grip?


Jen said…
I have tried but it keeps sucking me back in haha.