We're called

God asks us to care for ALL His Children.  

Do you love Jesus? 

Then show Him by loving what He loves; children, widows, orphans, justice. 

That is a new course and challenge surging through the youth group. 

We've learned about Jesus and will continue to learn about Him as we follow His commands. 

What does this look like? 
  • Serving the least of these alongside serving our church in various roles
  • creating care packages for missionaries
  • writing letters of encouragement to missionaries
  • hanging out with people who don't attend our church
  • creating shoes out of old jeans
  • fundraising to help the less fortunate
  • prayer times
  • visiting nursing homes
  • visiting apartment complexes in the area
  • getting outside out comfort zones and DOING what God has called us to do
  • Not worrying about the MONEY aspect of serving; because we know God provides.
  • making encouragement baskets for teachers
  • getting into the community and DOING things
DO y'all have any more ideas? I have a select list of things we've done before as a church and at others churches, but the more ideas, the better.  We need to be Jesus and not be so self-centered and all about me and my entertainment people. That is when the light shines, when we put aside ourselves and really BE Jesus for other people.