School's back in session across the United States; or at least that is what my Facebook feed tells me.  Our kids are ending their first MONTH in school already and some have midterms coming up.
And we've finally hit 90s in the weather this week. It's been a mild summer, but I hope that doesn't mean a crazy cold winter again. I don't know if I can survive that....

Especially after playing around with things like tomato plants, eggplants, green beans...
The garden has been fruitful this year and I have the sauce to prove it! I think my peppers are finally enjoying the HOT weather, so that's good news. My tomatoes always out produce my peppers and it makes the salsa lopsided.

Also, Christine Caine's newest book arrives today in stores: UNSTOPPABLE! Go, check it out and be glad you did. God's really been working hard through this woman and she's amazing inside and out.  I can't wait to dive in it as it's currently downloading onto my kindle for reading later today.

Next week, the hostile take over commences: pumping all.the.things. arrives. 
Brace yourselves. 
I only like certain pumpkin things like muffins, bread, donuts.
AND yes, apple season officially kicks off, too. THAT is worth celebrating and getting excited for.

Fall, you're almost here.
I've missed you, but can we keep some warm weather around a bit longer?