After having spent four years in New England, I grew to love Dunkin' Donuts. There is literally one on every corner in most normal towns. DD isn't known mainly for donuts, it's known for killer coffee and drinks. I think they put MSG or something in it because it's addictive and soo worth every penny spent. Our addiction became so bad that every Sunday morning I'd drive the 1/2 mile to the local shoppe and get breakfast; a number one with hot cocoa for me and a number three for the Mister with vanilla iced coffee. Ad.dic.tive.
Since we've moved here, the closest one is 30 minute drive away. It's not Sunday Morning friendly. About a year ago, the best news happened though, they commenced building one on BASE! I jumped for joy at the prospect of getting my fix everytime I went grocery shopping or to an appointment or just to pass through base. Now I have to admit to being addicted to their lemonade coolatta which is really just a lemonade icee ,but ohmygosh delish. I highly recommend it. A close friend is addicted to a vanilla coolatta with a shot of strawberry. I haven't tried it, but I am sure it's delish as everything else there is. But, it gets better for me, they attached a BASKIN ROBBINS to DD. I get the best mint chocolate chip ice cream next to the worlds best yummy drinks and bubbles of happiness. Sorry Starbucks, you're just not that cool anymore with your high prices, second yummy drinks, and socially responsible business sense. (wait, did I just say that?). Starbucks is second choice to DD most days. I cannot get a chocolate frosted 10 grams of fat donut from Starbucks. Have you ever tried their munchins? I have stopped eating them at Sunday School recently because they ALWAYS have filling in them. If I wanted something to squit at me when I was eating, I'd try to eat a live squid or octopus, not an unsuspecting donuts hole! I digress.
Must.get.DD. closer to home. There is no Donut/coffee shoppe in this town and I think that is truly sad. We have to get our Krispey Kremes delivered from 1,243 miles away and they're just NOT that yummy. Someone get me DD close, please?