A new idea?

I am reading through Acts, trying to comprehend it, study it, and make an outline out of it for our Sunday School class. I was jokingly told to do it, but I may just do it for my own knowledge. It's a safe route considering I'll probably remember more this way. It's astounding the amount of information just in one parable. WOW. God is ever so smart and clever and knows how to span generations of people with the simple messages that EVERYONE can understand.

Last night we celebrated our youth pastor's bday, her hubby's bday and their 10 year anniversary. YAY for them. They're an awesome bunch of people and I wish them plenty of happiness and years of wedded bliss to come. After all the mission trips and camps they attend with the youth, I am surprised that they still enjoy each other's company after so long. hehe.

Family people are arriving this week so I am off to clean, vacuum, finish laundry, and make use of my time other then messing aroun online. Which, I am sure is productive in some sorta way, but not right this moment. Until next time...