Rewards for hard work...

So today I went to look for a job and stopped at CVS while out. I had these awesome coupons that will expire tomorrow and they had coke(bleh) on sale, but it included Dr. Pepper, which is AWESOME. So I picked up 4 Dr. Pepper 12 packs, and then saw the chocolate was on sale! It was my lucky day because it's time to crave chocolate. So, I picked up five bags. The order total was a mere $20.00. I had one coupon that was $4.00 off a $20.00 purchase and another $3.00 off a $15.00 purchase. I used them both. My $20.00 purchased was down to $14.00! BUT, CVS was giving out Extra Care Bucks on both of the product types I purchased. Therefore I got $2.00 back on the coke, and $5.00 back on the chocolate. That ended my total at$7.00 for FOUR 12 pack sodas and FIVE bags of yorks, reeses, and rolos. CVS is so smart for utilizing their ECB program to benefit the savvy buyer. Walgreens is trying to catch-up but since they don't use a shoppers card, they send loads of gift cards out, which is fine by me because they tack on an extra 10% to the gift card request. YAY for free money.
I also went to the commissary yesterday and saved about $15.00 in coupons and impressed the checkout lady. She had to check the bottom of the receipt for me and was like you just saved $15.96(almost 16.00!!!) and she had a smile on her face. I was beaming with pride in my ability to clip coupons.
Coke and pepsi also have rewards programs. If you're not too lazy to type in the codes, you can get free stuff. This is the only time I'll rave about coke over Pepsi (unless of course it's cherry or vanilla coke, which is WAY better then Pepsi's version.) The coke rewards give you coupons towards MORE coke products. What could be better then that my friends? Pepsi gives you a mere POINT for drinking a 20ouncer, whereas coke gives you 3 points!!!! Why the difference, guys? Coke cannot be a better company can it? I refuse to believe this as I have been to the birthplace of Pepsi in New Bern, NC; a mere 40 minute drive from my house. Of course I have also been to the U.S.S. North Carolina which features a cafe style area in ALL Pepsi paraphernalia. I HAD to take a picture of that. HAD too.

Since the last post, I have made awesome banana nut bread. It's a healthier version of the traditional entree of bananas, white flour, eggs, walnuts, sugar. This is filled with whole wheat flour, honey, applesauce, walnuts, and yumminess all around. Chris said it's MUCH better then Mom's! Uh-oh. He's trying to get me into trouble I think.

2T softened butter
3/4 C sup
1 Egg
1 egg white
2 cups mashed ripe bananas
1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
1/4 cup honey
1 t vanilla, Please no fake stuff!
1 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1 t baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 c walnuts

Grab a mixing bowl(or kitchen aid mixer like I did) and beat the butter and sugar for about 2 minutes until it's light and fluffy like a bunny. Beat in egg, then egg white beating vigorously after each addition. Beat it again until it's light and fluffy. Stir in the mashed nanners, applesauce, honey and REAL vanilla extract(fake stuff is for cheapos). Leave it in bowl, move on.

In another BOWL (yes, we love to wash dished, don't we) combine the flours, baking soda, and salt. Gradually add to the forgotten nanner mixture a smidgen at a time until just moist.

Coat loaf pans with cooking spray, pour into 2, 2x2x6 pans or 1, 9x5 pan. Bake at 325 degrees for roughly 30-40 minutes, depending on the oven. Mine was done in 33 minutes, but the temperature gauge is toying with my emotions right now. So, I'll just roughly estimate the time for ya'll so we don't have burnt bread on our hands.
Remove bread from over once it passes the toothpick test and let cool ten minutes in pan before removing. Move onto a wire rack to cool and watch out for those unsuspecting visitors to come and steal some before it's done cooling.
Yields: 1 or 2 loafs. I make two and freeze one or give it away. Nothing brightens someone's day more then a fresh baked goody.