It's been a long while since I've posted anything new. We've have VBS, Music camp, and TeamK.I.D. start back up at church. There is also a new Beth Moore Bible Study we're doing and college is back in session. I've applied to a few places as rec positions and am leaving that in God's Hands for now. The jobs would be amazing experiences, not to mention some extra dough to pay off the debt we've accumulated over the years with building houses and whatnots.
One more serious full time year of undergrad college. I cannot believe that one. Has it been four years already? And to think Chris has been gone MOST of it. I think he's been home a total of four months of my college career, so he doesn't understand that I need time for my homeworks and stuff. It's always a disagreement about that. Of course I don't want to fail, so I do my homeworks anyhow, like a good student, right?
See you at the POLE rally is this weekend, too. I cannot wait. I've never been to the rally before. It'll be an adventure. As for the actual SYATP, it's next Wednesday, 0700, at any school near YOU! I hope I can go. It's at the same time I have to leave for my school, so if it doesn't last entirely too long, I am able to attend, right. And as long as I don't get stuck behind school buses ALL the way to college. OY. AND I cannot miss my first class because it's review for the test on the next class session. Busy busy busy.
I've made some incredible meals,lately, too. My step-mum gave my a cookbook from like 1940s with some outstanding recipes that peoples just don't make anymore. I am trying to incorporate them into our meals; one new foodstuff per week, minimal. But it's getting hard when I don't get home till 1930 on Mondays to cook. The hubby would be dead by then from not eating. hehe. SO he makes sometihng for himself and I usually grab something on the go. Last week was Chili's, this week Wendys. It's not exactly healthy, but until I get the schedule down, it'll be chaos. hah.

My neice has turned NINE! I cannot believe she's nine already. It doesn't seem possible. Of course, most of her life, she hasn't been around becuase she's either been living in Germany or New Mexico. BUT, they're moving to Ft. Hood within two weeks time. I can go visit, me thinks...and sneak in a trip to SeaWorld SanAnt. :D

I'll post cooler things later. I have a million things to do like tidy up the house, laundry, dishes, homework, buy milk, and order flea meds. PLUS, my Bible Study. I love it.