a graduate?

SO, this school year had taken me completely by surprise and I have finished up all classroom work. I have one last final tomorrow and my Bachelor's degree is ONE internship away from graduation. Can you believe that? I certainly cannot. It has flown by, that is for sure. But, in a way it is also sad. I am going to miss the professors who challenged me, who actually taught me something, and those who did not fuss over a missed class because I live so far away.
Next schooling agenda is graduate school. I have been inquiring into the Denver Seminary school, but as it looks now, I would have to live there for two years to complete it. Bleh. How many more years can I stand being separated from my husband? I have to ask whether there are certain classes I can take online and possibly reside there for a semester or so to complete it. It would be an M.DIV in Family and Youth Ministries with a concentration on sports/camp ministries. That is exactly what I feel God wants me to create, to become. However, I am having doubts about my abilities because it feels like just anyone can have my degree and it is not prestigious enough or specialized enough. Parks and Recreation Management is so varied and covers a multitude of jobs: parks, recreation, travel, tourism, management, event planning, ministry, hotel/motel! It is truly insane. But I can do the work placed before me. I can create a budget, a start-up recreation program, a camp, an ethics programs, design a park, entertain meetings, interview people, speak in large groups, give presentations, and much more. With my volunteer work I can also teach children, plan programs, create games, give presentations, cook, witness, mentor, and be a friend. SO, I guess I am just getting the senior problems of WHAT NEXT?
Chris graduates from Warrant Officer Basic Training soon and we will be off to Yuma, Arizona as our next USMC HOME. I will not be a 'graduate' until December and I pray that does not hinder me from getting a job that requires a Bachelor's Degree. I know God has plans for me and will never forsake me, I just wish I did not have the human nature of worry sometimes. I mean, really, what IS next considering the economy is not the greatest and jobs are scarce. The husband refuses to let me apply to retail saying that I have a degree, I NEED/should use it. We shall see what God has in store for me in YUMA. I think I'll be made to work on base in MWR or with Homeland Security, which neither bothers me too much. It will give me experience and money to pay off debt until we move again and I will get another job elsewhere.
I will also be working towards creating a sports ministry within the church we choose to attend in Yuma. I have investigated the Southern Baptist Church there already and it does not have these programs as well. It's a fairly NEW Ministry branch, but I think it is one of the most desperately needed ministries in order for families to come together for God! Normally Recreation Ministries are for overseas folks; they teach Africans, South Americans sports while witnessing to them as well. In America, I want to bring sports, God, worship, and servitude together. Once the families are used to being together for fun, they can get used to being together for God, too, whether in soup kitchens, tutoring, mission trips, etc...that is my idea anyhow. God is still teaching me, though.