Yes, as the title suggests, I have made my way over here to live until the USMC sends us packing once again. I drove alone across NC, SC, GA, MISS, AL, LA, TX, NM, and finally Arizona. Somewhere along those lines, I touched Mexico for a mere second; as I believe highway 20 is the border in some places. Chris liked to disagree with this statement. I KNOW it's true though because I drove it, he did not. He took safe highway 40/Route 66, how utterly boring. I finally arrived after 35:30 hours of driving and only two hotel stays and places to eat as well as countless gas stops which became restroom breaks/food/gas all in one because I was determined not to spend anymore time away from Chris. The drive was not a complete bore. I jammed to XM radio, listened to FOXNEWS, and tried to find some local stations along the way. I did have the comedy channel on for a bit, but eventually that became too vulgar for my tastes.

Arizona, my new home is a lovely site to see. We are surrounded by mountains, palms trees, farming fields, houses, schools, churches, and loads of people. Within a five mile radius of our church, which is a block from our home lies seventy-five THOUSAND people. That's bigger then any town I have ever lived in and this is just a small portion of the true population herein.(plus add in the influx of 75,000-80,000 SNOW BIRDS during the winter months...)

There are people constantly everywhere, no matter the heat, time of day, economy slowdowns, traffic delays, they're out. And I haven't seen another real blonde yet. People actually move away from me in the grocery store! I've never been in a place where I was considered the outsider. I know that's a blessing, but it really makes me stop and think. The first time I went to the grocery store I came home and wanted to go back to NC so bad.( I almost cried, which for me is like NEVER! )People were so rude, impatient, selfish, and above all I couldn't understand a single word they were saying. I feel like I have moved to a different country instead of a different part of the country. Yuma is THISCLOSE to Mexico so it's only natural that people have immigrated/emmigrated throughout the years before the governments stepped in and said, this side is ours, that is yours. The land looks identical so I am not sure how they truly measure which side is which. Oh yeah, the United States is not a third world country, which also breaks my heart. The most advanced, best place to live on Earth is neighbors with a THIRD WORLD Country. How selfish are we? I recently discussed this with Chris and he said it's the governments and corruption and drugs. While I do have to agree to a degree, it doesn't make it right. Here I am looking at which new cellular phone I want to upgrade to next while there are millions of people going hungry in the world when the Earth produces enough food for everyone to eat, daily! S.E.L.F.I.S.H.


Gene & Rachel said…
thanks for sharing your thoughts and allowing God to use you to show me what really matters! miss you LOADS!!!