Mexican Julia Childs...

I have been reading Julia Childs book "My Life in France" and it's really inspired me to try new recipes. I love to try new things to cook, but don't always eat them, cause I am weird like that. This time though, I am trying the things I make. Tonight we had meatloaf, fried zucchini, fried tater, and green bean casserole with whole wheat french bread. It was very yummy! For dessert we had homemade brownies that were so fresh and warm and perfect. I finally have an oven that has the correct temperature gauge and heating element. The oven in NC, the longer it was on, the hotter it became regardless of the setting; 300 quickly became 450 and so on and I made sooo many uninteresting burnt foodstuff that way.

But, being here has taught me to love peppers and the various kinds. I currently have five different types of peppers in my fridge. If I leave em out of the fridge, they rot, and that's no good for anyone. It's great to have access to fresh produce as well. Yuma is the lettuce capital of the USA and loads of people love to tell me this fact. I guess if that's the only GOOD thing your city is known for, why not enjoy it, right?

AS for the Mexican Julia Childs, I am throwing myself into the Spanish culture in cooking, whether or not the grocery store customers like it or not. I WILL cook yummy authentic mexican food and it will be just as good as their momma's food, too! I am determined and stubborn. I am already on a mission to make a great red mole/enchilada sauce. I have not found one to suit my tastes, so that's first on the list!

Chris and I also found a great church to call HOME for now. It's called Oasis ( and they've just started a Family Ministry recently, a VERY good training place for me. We also have an incredible small group called Crave. It's younger people in our area and the people are very down to Earth, without being too theological! It's fabulous. God is certainly amazing. He always knows what He is doing and what's right for us! Praise the Lord, forever!