This is an interesting date, indeed. The next most interesting date to me will be 11.11.11 at 11:11am; I am sure that Veteran's Day Celebration will not be one to miss! ACK: I'll be THIRTY that year, maybe I'll just skip all future birthdays.

I haven't done much anything of interest lately. I have been applying to jobs like mad and trying to stay away from Retail Management as long as possible. If that's what I have to do, so be it, but I'd rather not. I recently applied as an Animal Shelter Assistant and a Spa/Yoga Manager position. Either of those would be exciting to me for different reasons.

My kitchen smells funny. Chris and I have tried to find the source, but haven't succeeded. I am thinking it's the chicken inside the fridge, but it should not have spoiled this soon. I guess I won't cook it, just trash it Thursday night for the trash to enjoy Friday Morning. What can ya do? HOPEFULLY, that is the culprit, but the smell permeates the kitchen and the freezer, which is odd, but there is frozen chicken in there. How does frozen chicken go bad when it's frozen BEFORE the sell by date and sealed in individual bags? Im so confused. I'll blame the weather, it's a good excuse here.


ramo rambles said…
oh my...you will be 30 and whats wrong with that? welcome to adulthood!!