Saturdays are so catching up..

Actually Saturdays are mainly laundry that I don't get done during the week days since electricity is LOADS cheaper on weekends than during the week. Plus, it allows me time to chill in the mornings while Chris is out eating breakfast with his Ham Radio fellows. Today I chose to stay in bed, research graduate schools and watch disc three of Big Bang Theory Season two. It's such a brilliant show with fabulous, multilevel characters. The show consists of three physics researchers and one engineering guy who all work in a college research facility. All of the guys have their PhD's except the engineer so their conversations are complete with mathematical equations, theories, explanations, and literal excursions about life, love, intelligence, friendship. Add in a Midwestern blonde girl as a neighbor and life gets really fun in the nerd world as Leonard seeks to date her, Howard seeks to romance her, Ragesh cannot speak when she is around, and Sheldon seems exhausted trying to explain everything to her. It's a mix destined to make you laugh. The new Season Premier's Monday, September 21, 2009 @ 9:30PM EST.