Happy Halloween.

It is the last day of October. This month has flown by really fast, it's insane. I have become much more domestic since I have zero job opportunities even after applying at everything I could possibly do. I cook, clean, do laundry, etc. How exciting?!

I still haven't decided upon Graduate School. I am thinking about starting my own business, but I gotta figure that out first. Oy. I have been reading a lot of Nutrition textbooks and they're fascinating. I have been incorporating more nutritious things into my cooking as a result. I also purchased BIGGEST LOSER workout for the Wii. It's kinda fun doing it and keeps my motivated, thats for sure. I've lost about 3ish pounds since doing it. It's not a lot but I'll take it. I am also building muscle and such so the weight is going to build muscles instead of being dropped as fat. Someday this will reverse and I'll lose the fat while working on muscle building.