It's Veteran's Day

Therefore the Marine Corps Ball is somewhere around the corner or has been recently. Yesterday was the Marine Corps 234th Birthday. The Husband and I were fortunate enough to actually have the celebration on the birthday. Therefore last night we got al spiffed up and went glamoursly to the Ball, held at a local Casino. The Hubby was part of the Presenting of Colors Ceremony so I sat alone as half a couple with the other half of a couple also made to perform in the ceremony.(The two wives). It worked out fabulously. The colors were presented, the Hymns played, the readings, the speeches, and the pride that follows the United States Marine Corps. It was a great celebration, one of the best ones we have been too. And the food! Finally we got some amazing food to eat. We normally get overpriced unflavored chicken, beef, etc. This year I opted for the Vegetarian meal, which is humorous since I don't eat many vegetables. But, it was the most delicious lasagna I have ever had. It was layers of noodles, ricotta cheese, and spinach topped off with what tasted like ragu sauce, but it was yummy. The salad was prettier than it tasted. It was arugula leaves with cucumber slices wrapped around it and curly carrots swirled on top with sliced grape tomatoes as a garnish on an otherwise almost empty plate. I felt like I was eating grass, but at least tried some of it. The hubby got prime rib with mixed vegetables and twice baked potato. It was pretty boring looking!
Anyhow, we ordered some professional pictures and I might actually like them this year, we shall see... But, we did get some of our own pictures. Unfortunately, with the Hubby being on the far side of the color guard presenting colors, my camera did not like to zoom or focus, so everything's a blue, but here are some blips of what happens inside a Birthday Celebration of the Leanest, Meanest Fighting Machine the WORLD has ever seen...



Myself and Marine. With His Sword. It's not very often he get's to use it, so YAY for a picture FINALLY with it. (since it also cost loads of money, too!) My hair also had a decent amount of volume, but after five hours, it decided that gravity was going to win this battle...
These are my favorite pictures of The Hubby last night. He was finally being goofy and himself, so this is the result. (all his Marines look away, you may not see this!! LOL). Also, RACHEL, that eyebrow raise is for you, since I know you miss it. I need to superimpose "user error" on it for you to get the FULL effect.