Today was quite an educational experience. The lesson in church was pornography. Yep, that is correct; we were educated about porn inside God's house. Why? Because it's a real issue and affects every single family in America. Being a military spouse, it deeply affects us as we spend loads of time apart during deployments.

It also affects the culture to think sex scenes in movies, on television shows, in music is okay and normal too. What if we stood outside our neighbor's houses and watched while they made love to their wives/husbands? We'd be arrested for being a peeping tom? Why does putting a screen in front of it and calling it entertainment change that?

I hate the sex scenes, the kissing, the adulterous affairs that are made to look cool, popular, and making everything look so easy. Ruining lives is not easy. Ruining lives for SECONDS of pleasure is not worth it.

Also, those silly magazine ads that appear everywhere where the women are scantily clad, wearing workout clothes, wearing bikinis, what's THAT all about? Sex sells, but when did we become so lackadaisical about seeing this kind of stuff in newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc? There's been many cases where teenage boys are stealing their mother's Victoria's Secret Catalogs. THAT is a problem.


ramo rambles said…
thanks for sharing! it really is so true how our culture is turning into present day sodom and gomora