Christmas is just about 2 weeks away! I haven't purchased much of anything for gifts, as we weren't planning on going into debt just to 'repay' others' kindnesses. However, Hubbi has other ideas about Christmas and we'll just have to work extra hard to make things right money wise again. It's no big deal, but it certainly isn't where we wanted to end up, either.
I am officially a college graduate with a B.A. in Parks and Recreation Management. It feels surreal. I mean I did the homework, the papers, the projects, the class time, but it doesn't seem like I really am prepared to take on the world of work. Of course, that I can blame on my internships/practicum experiences. I could have chosen something better suited to teach myself more, but I took the easy way out, which is quite unlike myself. The past few years have just been OFF for me anyhow. I gained weight, I turned grumpy/short fused with Chris, and really resented not being able to find the job I wanted while attending college. I blamed the Marine Corps for sending us to a place that does not suit my interests/career goals. I still do kinda blame them for Yuma, but I know in the end, it is GOD's PLAN, not the Marine Corps and HE's placed us right where HE wants us. I am blessed to live in Yuma. We have a great church in which I feel like I am learning on a different level than I was at SFBC.  I know it's Bible Based and true to God's Word and I also know that there isn't an underlying agenda to church. It's not a business that disguises itself as a church family. It is a real church, providing for peoples' real needs, not just a sermon on Sundays.  The people feel more honest and open, and always have time for each other.
I am not in the Christmas 'spirit' this year. I have neglected my Christmas devotional after the SECOND day. WOW, talk about dedication there, Jen! And now feel guilty about it, but that's who I am. I start things and never finish them. I love to start things. I need to finish them, always. I have finished college for now. I am looking into Graduate programs, but really not sure where that will take me, either. I have a phone appointment with Ted from Grand Canyon University today for a Master's Degree in Christian Leadership. I could finish it before my 30th Birthday, which was a goal I have set for myself. But do I want to do it just to have it completed before my 30th birthday even though I am unsure of the program or do I hold off and choose something different that will have me graduating when I am 30?!