Hello GoodBye

Hello Twenty-Ten
Good-Bye Two-Thousand-Nine.

Today is the official kick off day of resolutions around the world. Half of them will be kaput by February 1 (my B-day) and the other half MIGHT make it to June, I am just saying. I don't have any fancy Resolutions because I like to start things, but never finish them. I can change that, if I ever feel like it, but I think procrastinators should unite and band together to NOT finish the overwhelming things we've piled on our plates this first day of the year.
Typical Resolutions:
Lose Weight
Save Money
Read Bible Everyday
Take a picture a day for a year
Blog every day for a year
Go back to College
Eat Healthier
I can see why these fail. If you make something a chore, and make it tedious enough, it's no longer going to be FUN. Fun things tend to be accomplished. Unfun things get ignored and forgotten quickly.
SO, I am making an anti-New Years Resolution.

Invite Chaos into my life

Live in the Moment 

Do something I hate. 

Let the house get LIVED in

Make the Dog rule my life one day a Month

Have a day off from people: no text, no internets, no t.v. one day a month.

Plan ...anything ...everything.. just plan something 

And I am posting my Favorite Christmas Decoration Pictures, too.. Since I didn't post during Christmas, but have cool pics I wanna share...