It's the annual lettuce festival weekend here in Yuma, AZ.  We are the world's winter lettuce provider therefore, we celebrate by having a HUGE salad bar with local produce and street vendors and the like downtown. We haven't gone down yet to check it out, but I am sure that'll be on the weekend to-do list. Hubbi is out playing ham radio man today. He is checking the runners of a marathon as they run past him and has been gone since WAY before the sun got up. He asked me to go with him, I said he was nuts since it was only 42 degree this morning and the bed was much more comfortable than any street corner before daylight. So, I stayed home and steam cleaned the carpet. It looks so fluffy and clean again. Belle had destroyed a stuffed animal a week ago and I hadn't picked it up (and neither did anyone else!!!) so it was ALL over the house. It's gone gone gone. Unfortunately, the toy still has a little more stuffing still left in it and I don't feel like throwing away a toy she still plays with, so it'll lay on the floor waiting to be pounced on and torn apart some more. The squeaker is still in it, which is a miracle in itself.
I've rearranged the house once again because it still doesn't seem right. No combination is working for me. There are two corners I LOVE, but the rest is just meh, it's okay. I also pulled out my desk from the bedroom as I redid that room last weekend. I now have a working desk again. YAY. It houses the macbook, monthly planner, pens, etc like a normal desk should. (who knew?!) There is also a spot for bills and stuff of that nature that doesn't have to be in the spare bedroom, the kitchen (which just BUGS me) or the hallway, etc.
I still have to de-clutter and de-junkify the spare bedroom. It's the catch-all for things not in regular everyday use, like rockband 2, projection screen, my elementary school papers, scrapbook papers, music cds, and my favorite, my LightSabers and potato head collection. (Yes, I am a HUGE Star Wars Nerd!) It needs to be pulled all together and gone through, I even think my lava lamp is in there which is roughly 12-14 years old. I don't even know if it survived all the moves since it hasn't been taken out of it's box in a LONG time. ... stay tuned on that update.

In two weeks I am hosting scrapbooking for the FRG. It'll be fun and sorts. I cannot wait to start scrapbooking again. I hav missed it a lot. Moving always takes it's toll on my craft because you cannot do it alone, it just doesn't seem right. One needs girlfriends, caffeine, grapes, pretzels, and chocolate to pull off amazing layouts and pages.  I need to get some pictures printed, too...