Always remember..

I have loved NC since the first time I visited there when I was somewhere around pretween age. That was prolly about 20 years ago. My uncle, aunt, and cousins lived in a town outside of Charlotte and I was just thrilled with the area, the people, the landscape, the lack of snow. We started arriving every single year for Easter since that first year. Then I started spending summers there. I had to earn my way with mowing the lawn, cleaning the bathrooms, being the 'older' sibling example for my cousins, but I never minded. I enjoyed my time. We went to Nascar races, goldmines, discovery zone, nature trails, malls, church, and even to Wilmington (the beach) one time. I was determined to attend College there and even toured UNCC( University of North Carolina, Charlotte). The only downside was out of state tuition STINKS. So I was going to live for a year working and saving money and then attend a year later, with cheaper tuition as I would have been a 'state resident' then.

It's funny how things worked out because I have married a Marine and lived in Havelock, NC and Swansboro NC now. Who knew that I would actually attend and graduate from University of North Carolina WILMINGTON ( the beach college) like it was in the plans all along? It's funny how things always work out.
I used to tell Chris while driving through Swansboro (when we lived in Havelock) on our way to Jacksonville for something to do that I would LOVE to live in a little oceany tourist town like this someday. Who knew that we actually would and fall in love with it, too six years later?

So I said all this to post all this:

North Carolina is always with me. Even in the desert I have shells, ocean colors, and memories.Those pinecones are Carolina Pine cones that I gave to Chris on our first ever Christmas together from our house we had in Havelock. The candle in front of the pinecones is from an NC military girl friend, Abby as a present for Christmas one year. All the shells were collected on the many beaches we lived close by: Onslow, Emerald Isle, Bear Island.

And here, a SAILBOAT in the desert. Plus all the blues and a FAN from the Bahamas from my Bestie on  her mission trip. 

The desk was purchased in North Carolina for my birthday one year. As is the puzzle box Chris sent to me from Iraq that's sitting on top(another birthday present!). The soup cup I made at the ceramic shop on base aboard MCB Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. 

Or this picture? Our Besties && our precious God Daughter who was born and is being raised in North Carolina??

We shall never forget North Carolina and I don't think we are ever 'done' with North Carolina.

We have people waiting on us to come back...

They're running with excitement...
Smiling so and soo happy to see us again...(ok maybe NOT Nicholas

The Lady in BLUE, another BFF, Linda is awaiting my arrival to sell me Creative Memories things & so I can eat her grapes & M&Ms, too. 
And this view was our view from 'home' for 2.5 years. It's no longer awaiting me. 


ramo rambles said…
thats right! NEVER done with NC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!