Be my Valentine?

Well, I've only got one Valentine, and that's my husband! We got married NINE years ago on Valentine's Day! It has gone by fast and slow and with love and dislike. We have had our moments, our deployments, our trials, tribulations, but I can honestly say that I love him like no other man alive. He is my Husband, my rock, my soulmate bound to me by promises to each other and to God. (end mushiness now)

What did we do to celebrate our love? Attend church, buy new hiking shoes for Hubbi and went hiking in the Castle Dome mountains. We didn't get to the top because we never did find the right Trailhead, but we tried. We got to about 2200ish feet up! The view was stunning.

Everything was green and beautiful thanks to the rain AZ received a couple weeks ago.  We also followed a trail, but ended up turning around since the Element was on TWO wheels a few times. (oops!!) We did meet Christy and Conrad from BC. They gave us a map that showed the TOPO of the actual trailhead that someone gave them a day prior. It was an amazing experience...pass it on IF you're willing to do the same and conquer what is meant to be conquered (the mountain). A love for the outdoors really transcends all ethnicities, pride, fortune, all the STUFF that we allow to get in our ways on most days...