C'est le Birthday..

I am officially Twenty-Nine. It seems surreal. When did I let this time just past away without taking advantage of it? It seems like I have been wasting my days lately and I just don't want to 'get by' anymore. I want to live my life. So, I gotta find something to do... a place to volunteer, a place to work, a place to  put all my passion, something.
DH is gone again...he's down in San Diego with some training something or other he's been told to do. It's been a great many years since he's actually been HOME on my birthday so I SHOULD be used to this, eh? He did leave three wrapped presents and I got to open one this morning while he called me. I got a HUGE California Duster for my Element. I guess this means I have to wash my car so I can test it out today!
I also have a double layer fudge fantasy cake awaiting its demise tonight when Chris arrives and we can eat cake for dinner. We picked it out at Sam's Club yesterday, it's HUGE! It better be yummy, too dangit.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my MACBOOK, it's officially a year old. I got it for college my birthday last year. Its still running strong and happy and even though I don't know how to a lot of the features, I am learning. Chris loves Windows 7... but he likes using my Macbook, too. So yay, I think I could have converted him.

So because I have 365 days until I'm thirty, I am going to compose a thirty things to do before thirty list and accomplish them ALL!!!