The inside...

The dining room: complete with laptop, Bible, Crazy Love and  etc. I am showing my house LIVED IN.  yey.

  The corner on the 'dining room' the PATIO door. You can even see the Kayak out back. I love those curtains and I use a bungee cord as a tieback. Classy, right?

This is the other corner of 'dining room'. It's the library/exercise bike/ relaxing chair part. Hubbi likes to come home from work, take off boots and just sit here, staring into the books.  We are using an antique military phone as a side table and I think it works perfectly. 

That door leads out to the garage. The other side of the wall with book case houses the washer and dryer in a closet out there. It makes for an interesting layout in the house. The room with the window is the living room/den. 
This is the other side of the space that is odd. it's just.odd. So I filled it with odd stuff: scrapbook things and kitchen works. It does look cluttery and so it drives me bananas and I am constantly re-working/organizing things on it.

This is our front door which is to the right of the living room.I really like this door and wish I could restain it because it needs some TLC, but as renters we are not 'allowed'. 
I made a little bench for shoes and mail out of a military box. It works and will do for now. Inside the box are throws for the couches IF we ever get cold in the desert.
This is the Kitchen. It's next to the dining room and adjacent to the bakers rack on the scrapbook wall. I didn't clean for this photo and as you can see Chris, does live here. There is fuel injector cleaner & the Harbor Freight ad on the counter along with tortilla chips and chocolate. 


ramo rambles said…
looks fabulous!!! glad you are posting all these pictures!!