It's been busy around here lately.
Chris had his HamFest 2010 Weekend here in Yuma.
I helped chaperone 30 youth kids on a snowboard trip.
It was a 6 hours drive one way.
We left around 1700 (5:00pm) and arrived around midnight at the hotel.
Saturday we all went snowboarding.
We all fell a lot, too.
But, I am alive. I knocked myself out from a fall, but it was still fun.
One of the college kids broke his collar bone. 
Please pray for healing for Brandon as he is trying to enter the Air Force... he needs God's healing hands for a speedy recovery. 
Pictures to come soon, I hope. 
Jess took a pic of me sitting on my board riding down the mountain(which was actually more FUN than snowboarding itself!)
None of the adults can move today. I didn't see any of the kids from the trip in church today as I am sure they were sleeping and exhausted. 
My hotel bed had either bugs or tide on their sheets. My arms wont stop itching and it's been two showers since I've been there.
Benedryl will only knock me out and I want to be more productive.
And that's how I looked most of the time. My stomach is still burning in pain from the major hit I took, but I am alive and well.
I cant wait to go again, only this time with someone who WILL instruct me, not just take me to the top of the small slope and say this is what ya do and leave.