Wouldn't you love to hang out here celebrating life with family and friends? I know I would!

Things to do:
* Raising Purity by Gerald Heistand
* So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore
  • Put away my 1,504 pairs of jeans/donate them
  • Check Calendar for flights back home to NC
  • Wii Plus Workout
  • Blog new recipes
  • Plan Meals

    Plan Easter Celebration with Family:
             * letting my sister know we cannot make it to her for Easter since we'll be involved in Service Evangelism at Oasis
             * inviting my Mum and Roger
             * inviting five other people to church
    Plan an everything party for NC.  Since I've been gone from the dearest friends I have made and we've missed a lot, we need to catch up on ALL the holidays.

    De-clutter hallway cabinets: one day per cabinet!